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Marry, Kiss, Cliff Tag - YA Books

Today I am going to do the Marry, Kiss, Cliff tag. I first saw this tag on the Bookables youtube (find her here: and it looked like so much fun that I had to do it for myself. The basic premise of this tag is to pick three guys and say whether you will marry, kiss or cliff them.

So, there are various different ways of doing this tag but my spin on it was to just write a list of male characters from random books on my shelves, pop all their names in a teacup (yes, a teacup) and then pulled three names out at time deciding whether to marry, kiss or cliff them.

So here we go,
Round One: Simon (The Mortal Instruments Series), Harry Potter ( know) and Gansey (The Raven Boys) this was a tough one because I am not a huge fan of any of these boys. I am going to have to:
Marry: Simon, but only after he becomes a vampire because before that he is just pathetic
Kiss: Gansey, because he is hot but so annoying (kiss and run....)
Cliff: Harry, sorry Harry but you are so self righteous and a pain in the butt.

Round Two: Jace (The Mortal Instruments Series), Day (The Legend Series) and Gale (The Hunger Games)

Now this one was easy. I will:
Marry: Jace, because he is cool, cheeky, fun, badass and a nice guy underneath it all, what more could you want.
Kiss: Day, because, like Jace, he is pretty badass but a nice guy, a little too nice for me hence why Jace wins first place ;)
Cliff: Gale, and I don't even feel sorry...


Round Three: Aspen (The Selection), Four (The Divergent Series) and Christian (The Vampire Academy Series)

This was another tough choice for me as I like all of these characters.
Marry: Aspen, he is tough and strong and has a lot of ambition, I like that.
Kiss: Christian, his bad boy status and broodiness just makes him hot
Cliff: It kills me to say this but it has to be Four....sorry Four

Round Four: Alex (Delirium), Ben (Slated) and Edward (The Twilight Series)

Too easy.
Marry: Alex, someone who would risk his life for mine - marriage material.
Kiss: Ben, because he is six foot and hot.
Cliff: Edward, so much hate for him.

Round Five: Draco Malfoy (Harry Potter Series), Gabriel (Wither), and Peeta (The Hunger Games)

Now this is a weird group...
Marry: Gabriel, because he is lovely but not as pathetic as Peeta.
Kiss: Draco....yes, he is a bad boy and is played by Tom Felton in the movie enough said.
Cliff: Peeta, most painful and pathetic male character, EVER.

Round Six: Liam (The Darkest Minds), Raphael (The Coldest Girl in Coldtown) and Dimitri (The Vampire Academy)

The hardest decision here was between Raphael and Liam. While Liam is lovely there is something weirdly attractive about Raphael. But, I will have to:
Marry: Liam, because he can move things with his mind; he would be handy to have around.
Kiss: Raphael, weirdly attracted to Raphael, even when he was crazy...
Cliff: Dimitri, far too uptight for my liking and follows the rules way too much.

Round Seven: Ron Weasley (Harry Potter), Maxon (The Selection) and Will (The Infernal Devices Series)

Another no-brainer.
Marry: Will, marry me now, perfect male character.
Kiss: Maxon, cause he is hot.
Cliff: Ron, sorry but he would make a great friend if I didn't have to cliff him.

This tag was a lot of fun. Round three was by far the hardest choice I had to make, can't believe I cliffed Four, so sad. I also learnt that I have terrible taste in men, why do bad boys have to be so darn attractive? Who would you marry, kiss or cliff?

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