Tuesday 30 December 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Goals/Resolutions For 2015

So this week's topic for Top Ten Tuesday by the Broke and the Bookish is: Top Ten Goals/Resolutions For 2015. Before I decided to write up this list I said I better read my list from last year which you can find HERE. Did I get through this last you may be asking....well, no, definitely not! One of my goals was to read 80 books this year and I only managed to read (at this current moment) 46 as I went through a major reading slump this year. My book blogging goal also suffered due to the start of my masters in September which left little time for reading or blogging. Last years goals were not very doable and as it was my first year making bookish resolutions I will forgive myself. This year, however, will be the year of realistic goals and so without further ado, here are my 2015 bookish Resolutions:

1. Blog at least once a week: When I first started blogging I was posting sometimes 3 or 4 times a week but I could not keep this up and ending up stopping altogether. This coming year I won't put too much pressure on myself as it is a hobby and pressurizing myself takes all the fun out of it.
2. Reread Harry Potter: This was a goal I had last year that I actually started only a couple of days ago. I think Christmas is the perfect time for reading HP and so I have sort of cheated with this one as I have read the first two books already.
3. Review books sooner: I have gotten much better at this lately, however, before I would tend to put off writing the review and then when I sat down to write it I would have forgotten everything I wanted to say. I now tend to write my thoughts up on Goodreads when I mark off that I have read the book so I don't forget everything and then write up my proper review here.
4. Only buy books I REALLY want: Seems a bit obvious but I tend to pick up all sorts of books just because I have heard others gush about them. I don't like contemporary books but have in the past bought several of them and hated them. I don't like to review these books as it is not the fault of the book but my own personal preference.
5. Read 50 books: I will still be very busy with my masters next year so I am not going to aim too high for the amount of books I would like to read. I have a 20,000 word dissertation to write so....yes not a great deal of free time. I nearly read 50 books this year with a major reading slump lasting several months so I think this is possible.
6. Start the Percy Jackson Series: I really want to read the Heroes of Olympus series but I don't want to read it without first knowing what happens in the Percy Jackson series. I am not particularly fond of middle-grade books but hopefully I can get through these to move onto the next series.
7. Read more non-fiction: I studied History in University and I am currently undertaking a Masters in Museum Studies. I am fascinated by history and would like to read more about certain time periods in history - particular the Viking and Norman eras.
8. Start the Game of Thrones Series: I have already read the first book but it was so long ago that I have no memory of it. It is my favourite TV show and I know I will love the books if only I could look past their chunkiness!!
9. Reread The Coldest Girl on Coldtown: This is one of my favourite books of all time, enough said.
10. Finish the series I have started: I have a habit of starting a series and even though I may love it, I don't finish it before moving onto another series. Obviously, I can't finish a series if the books aren't yet released but for the ones that are and that I have on my shelf, I hope to finish them.

If you have a list of your 2014 Bookish Resolutions feel free to leave me a link in the comments and I would love to check it out.

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