Friday 9 January 2015

My First Feature and Follow Friday

This meme is hosted by Alison Can Read and Parajunkee , just click on their names and follow the links. The point of this meme is to make new friends and gain new followers. There are a few rules to follow when participating in this meme so just click here to find out more.

***I have somehow, very sillily, answered a question from a previous week but as this is my first you might be able to forgive me. If I were to answer the right question I would have said make up and my concert tickets! To read the completely wrong question please continue reading:

Today's feature and follow question is:

I will pretty much read anywhere, I have no shame at all in whipping out a book in the most unlikely places. If I have to, I will read where there is noise and distraction but I like to avoid this as best I can. So, that really rules out our sitting room for me as there is always someone in there watching TV which I find so distracting. I also, cannot for the life of me read in cars or buses, trains and planes are okay, but if I even read one sentence on a bus or in a car I will get a pounding headache. I am always so jealous of the people I sitting sitting on the bus reading their books because it would be a great way for me to pass the time. I travel to quite often as I live a good hour and a half bus or train ride from my Uni. I will opt for the train if possible more time then not because, lets face it, it is more comfortable and I can read my book happy out. The place I probably read the most is my bedroom as this is the least noisiest place in the house. I tend to just sprawl across my bed and read my book for hours at time (when I can). If I am alone in the house though I much prefer to read in the sitting room, with my little schih tzu beside and, in winter, the fire blazing....bliss.

What is your favourite place to read? Does anyone else have problems reading in the car and on buses? Do let me know in the comments. If you have participated in this meme feel free to leave a link to your post as I would to hear where your favourite place to read is.

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